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App concept

Behance App

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webdesign projet meuzac

Project display

Generative redesign

I spent a lot of time to analyze Behance.net because I wanted to make a redesign, professional and generative. The generative concept design involves adapting some elements is settled.



The time

I decide to use the time to build this new redesign. Because the time can represent a lot of things and play with emotionnal and new design.


The colors

Here, the goal was to play with colors and moving gradient accprding to the time when the user get connected. If the user log himself at 8am, the interface is going to be ligther with blue gradient. But if the user log himself at 10pm, the interface will be darker with pink colors.

Works preview

Suitable for all types of media be it smartphone, tablet and PC. And for any type of use and by any conditions.

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Webdesign behance redesign

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